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During hot summer days, we always hope to wear sleeveless clothes and step out feeling light and carefree. However, every time we see the bra fat on the underarm area in the mirror, we quietly put away our sleeveless clothes in the wardrobe... 'Bra fat' has been a concern for many women; even slim women may have 'armpit fat'!

Why do we have bra fat?

Are commonly seen bras or shapewear for eliminating bra fat effective? What are the natural methods to eliminate bra fat without undergoing surgery?

To those who want to eliminate bra fat, we hear you! We will start with understanding and assessing bra fat, as well as teach you a few simple exercises to eliminate it. With the right mindset, you can effectively overcome bra fat on your own!

Why do we have bra fat? 

How to determine real or fake bra fat? 

Bra fat is a vestige of regressed mammary glands in the evolutionary process of human beings. From the armpit to the groin, we can find many primitive mammary glands, which are also known as bra fat. Apart from the two in the front of the chest, the rest are bra fat, most commonly found near the armpit. Bra fat can be categorized into "real" and "fake".

Real Bra Fat refers to congenital bra fat, which is ectopic breast tissue present since birth. It feels firm to the touch and may have small regressed nipples.

Fake Bra Fat refers to acquired bra fat, primarily caused by the accumulation of adipose tissue. The reasons for its formation include wearing ill-fitting bras or bras that are too small, which prevent the breasts from being properly supported or cause excessive tightness. Over time, the localized fat in the armpit area may become loose due to the effects of gravity and ageing. They may result in discomforts such as heat and friction in the armpit area, which becomes increasingly difficult to ignore.

Why is it necessary to determine the real and fake bra fat? 

The understanding of your bra fat types relates to the subsequent methods for eliminating it. 

Real Bra Fat consists of developed mammary gland (and nipple) tissue and cannot be easily eliminated with shapewear or exercises. However, there is no need to worry, as bra fat is a benign tissue. If there is noticeable swelling, pain, inflammation, or infection, it is necessary to seek medical diagnosis and consider surgical treatment to remove the mammary gland and excess fat.

Fake Bra Fat is essentially a deposit of adipose tissue. If you find them bothersome or if you frequently experience inflammation or eczema in the armpit area, you can consider liposuction as a treatment option. Alternatively, you can also naturally eliminate fake bra fat through exercise. Exercise can indeed reduce overall body fat, but it's difficult to predict where the body will lose fat specifically after exercising. However, some exercise is always better than none and can be helpful in reducing bra fat.

Bye Bra Fat! Keep Exercise to Eliminate Bra Fat 💪🏻

Now that we have a basic understanding of bra fat, let's take a look at what exercises can effectively eliminate it!


Step 1: Clasp your hands behind your back, straight up

While performing this exercise, open your shoulders and chest, keep your back straight, pause briefly when reaching upwards, and then return to the starting position.



Step 2: Palms together, lift your elbows

Press your palms against your elbows, forming a 90-degree angle, and pull upwards. Hold for a few seconds, then return to the original position.



Step 3: Leaning forward, stretching back with one/both hands

Hold dumbbells (or water-filled bottles) in your hands, and stand with feet slightly apart, knees not extending beyond the toes. Sit back with your buttocks, leaning slightly forward. Keep your upper arms parallel to your body, fix your upper arms, and extend your forearms straight back, then return to the original position.



Step 4: Clamp the arms to the middle at 90°

Perform the "Popeye" signature move. Keep your elbows to your shoulders and your body perpendicular, with your upper arms parallel to your torso. Then bring your hands together towards the centre, and return to the original position.



Step 5: Push-up

Put your palms below your shoulders, your pelvis tilted forward, and your buttocks clenched. This exercise will require more chest, arm, and core strength.


Regardless of which exercise you choose, it's important not to push yourself too hard for immediate results to avoid muscle strain. When starting out, aim for 10-20 repetitions of each exercise as one set, and do 2-3 sets in total. Gradually increase the repetitions over time for a healthier approach!

You can do breast massage to help improve lymphatic drainage and guide displaced fat back to its correct position during your free time. Use outward-to-inward motions to encourage fat to move towards the centre, and upward motions to tone and lift. You can also use breast care products in combination with massage for enhanced results.

How to choose the right bra to prevent bra fat? 

Wearing ill-fitting bras for a long time is the biggest cause of bra fat! Wearing the right bra can help maintain a good-looking breast shape and prevent outward expansion. Remember to follow the principle of "snug but not too tight". Here are 3 key points to consider when selecting bras to combat bra fat:

1. Choose bras with heightened sides

Bras with 3/4 cup, with lace, or additional fabric on the sides can also provide improved coverage, but be cautious of any potential discomfort from itchiness. Pay attention to the sewing details of the side fabrics when making your selection to avoid the uncomfortable while wearing. 

2U-shaped back straps provide enhanced stability

U-shaped back straps help smooth out back fat and push forward for increased stability.

3. Elastic mesh fabric

Skin-friendly and breathable material that keeps you cool in hot weather. 

If you want to enhance the push-up effect for your side breasts, it is recommended to wear a wireless Night Bra at night. The 3-piece cup design creates a perfect 3D shape, combined with a wide elastic shoulder strap, which helps resist gravity during sleep and allows for nighttime breast shape repair to maintain the perfect golden ratio of breast shape.

In addition to knowing how to choose the right bra, it is also important to have good habits when wearing bras. Bras should be worn at the correct height and size. When using the restroom, it's also a good practice to adjust your bra to ensure that your breasts are always in their proper position.

Can shapewear eliminate bra fat? 

Things to know before combating bra fat! 

Girls who wear shapewear have 2 main expectations: to eliminate bra fat and to shape their body curves. However, we want to clarify that shapewear cannot permanently eliminate bra fat! Shapewear only temporarily redistributes the body's flesh to certain areas and maintains the body's curves. Once the shapewear is removed, the fatty tissues will return to their original positions. 

There are many important lymphatic tissues gathered in our armpits. Wearing tight bras can compress the armpit area and even compress the surrounding nerves, hindering smooth lymphatic flow from the breast. Prolonged wear can lead to breast swelling and numbness in the arms. Therefore, we recommend that girls start fighting against bra fat by developing healthy daily habits, such as maintaining a balanced diet, wearing the right bras, and taking breaks to move around during long periods of sitting at work.

In addition to consistent exercise to eliminate bra fat and prevent them from getting bigger, you can also incorporate daily breast care routines to enhance the overall appearance of your breasts. Let's become Bra Fat Fighters together!